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DR Chan KM

Burden No More is a book that comes from the heart of a caregiver who struggled to come to terms with dementia of a loved one.  The struggles Patsy faced finally paved the way for acceptance and she resolved to provide the best possible care within the limitations of resources, time and energy. Beautifully written and realistic, it makes compulsory reading for those facing the same issues.”

  • Dr Chan Kin Ming, Consultant Geriatrician, Chan KM Geriatric & Medical Clinic


Dr Jerry

“Many congratulations Patsy and your family for showing us such empathy for your dear ageing mother. A wonderful true life story of a grateful and loving daughter.”

  • Dr Jerry Lim, Co-Founder and Honorary Council Member, Dover Park Hospice


 Ms Yip

Burden No More is beyond doubt an engaging book. Patsy’s poignant and candid account of her family’s journey with her mother’s illness embodied a range of emotions and wealth of experiences that one can empathise with. I am particularly touched by how Patsy encourages and inspires others, rather than seek sympathy for the difficulties that she went through. I also found the book’s chapter on Loving with Dementia heartwarming and the tips on self-care for caregivers very practical.”

  • Ms Yip Moh Han, Executive Director, Singapore Christian Home

 Mr Jaso Foo


“There is currently still isolation and stigma for people with dementia in Singapore – we need to get the community to change, to be more inclusive so that people with dementia can carry on living a normal life. Patsy’s book “Burden No More” will hopefully create more awareness about dementia and also reach out to the caregivers who are stressed and need help. I must applaud Patsy for a very well written book. It is a book that is difficult to put down once you have picked it up.”

  • Mr Jason Foo, CEO Azeheiimer’s Disease Association, Singapore